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Hi, writing a good artist biography is actually harder than it looks, but apparently short, concise and to the point is the way to go.
We like the sound of that haha, so here it goes...

UK Bassist Tony Stewart (AKA Balone) has been involved in the music and live sound/recording industry for over 35 years.
Although from the North East of England, there are strong connections to the Isle of Wight on his mothers side of the family, where he spent many summer months as a child staying at his grand parents house in Niton Village and down at nearby Castlehaven Cove.
His grandmother was an accomplished piano player herself and piano teacher on the island, so the love of music runs in the family.

Tony started his own musical journey after leaving school, with his first full time job at Guitarzan and Bongo Bills music store, which was based in Southbank, Middlesbrough. In the days before mobile phones and the internet, when people had to interact with each other face to face, this local music store was a hive of activity and a place for many musicians to meet up and also to try out all the latest equipment with a coffee or two! It was a special experience working with people that can only be described as a band of brothers.

Over the years, a substantial amount of time was spent gigging as a working musician, a PA hire & sound system installation engineer and also in studios writing, recording and producing music with other people.

With a keen interest in bass guitars and musical equipment in general, Tony has helped many people over the years, either get started or achieve their musical goals and he continues to do so, when ever the opportunity arises.

Tony has continued to work as a gigging bass player, although he admits to taking things a bit slower and easier these days.

After many years creating music alongside singer/song writers, Tony has now returned to his real love of composing instrumental music.

For live work related enquiries as a bass player, Tony can be contacted by email on

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